At first yoga was simply my favorite way to exercise but overtime it wove its way into all facets of my life. When things are difficult yoga offers a new perspective, when things are good yoga helps us stay present. After experiencing firsthand and witnessing time and time again the magical effects yoga can have on our mental, spiritual and emotional well-being, I knew I wanted to share the teachings with anyone curious enough to learn more.

My teaching style is equal parts serious and silly. I believe in mixing opposites like effort and grace, work and play, and up with down because that's how we'll eventually find balance and use our bodies to change our minds. I'm lucky to have been trained by some of our greatest living minds including Nevine Michaan and Nikki Costello - without their wisdom I wouldn't be the teacher that I am today.  That said the moment I start to feel comfortable with my technique I know it's time to go deeper, learn more and refine.

Select Studies & Advanced Certifications:

Yoga Alliance E-RYT (Experience Registered Yoga Teacher) - 500
Masters of Maharashtra in Pune, India with Nikki Costello & Gulnaaz Dashti of the Iyengar Institute
Yoga Shanti Advanced Teacher Training with Colleen Saidman & Rodney Yee
The Enrichment Practice: Stillness in Action at Yoga Shanti with Nikki Costello & Mark McLaughlin
The Enrichment Practice: Foundations of Excellence at Yoga Shanti with Nikki Costello
The Enrichment Practice: The Body of the Voice at Kula Yoga Project with Nikki Costello & Kate Wilson
Katonah Yoga Advanced Study & Mentorship in Chelsea and Bedford Hills with Abbie Galvin & Nevine Michaan
Philosophical Study of Jnaneshwar's Gita at Kula Yoga Project with Nikki Costello & Mark McLaughlin
Philosophical Study of The Bhagavad Gita at Kula Yoga Project with Nikki Costello & Mark McLaughlin
Jivamukti Advanced Teacher Training: The Art of Assists with Jessica Stickler & Jules Febre
Yoga Vida 200hr Teacher Training and Mentorship with Domenic Savino